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Is the Sarah Palin updo professional?

Sarah Palin has lovely hair that looks fetching in an updo. Her long hair is certainly different from that of most female politicians. I tend to think this is undisputed. 

Sarah Palin also has a rather amusing parody on Saturday Night Live poking fun at her ability as a professional. I tend to think the hilarity of the skit is undisputed. 

I’ve often wondered if her image causes people to consider her to be less qualified for a serious profession. To wit: does long hair detract from a woman’s professionalism?

A lot of female lawyers probably question their image and whether or not it hurts their career.  I know I do!

I, like Sarah Palin, have long hair and a youthful face.  I’m also short like Sarah.  I am spunky as well – and like anyone, I say stupid stuff that makes me look dumb. 

I admire Sarah because she doesn’t change herself to fit the mold of an ideal professional.  She, like me, enjoys long hair.  Instead of chopping it off for a more “modern” hairstyle, she puts it up in a tasteful updo.  Personally, I think an updo is quite attractive and can accent a suit nicely.

Yet Sarah is constantly derided for being vapid.  I’m sure any other female politician with short locks and a serious demeanor has goofed up just as much. But we don’t hear about them!

So I query: does a long-haired, feminine woman, by virtue of her hair and attitude, become disqualified as a professional?

If we used Sarah as an example, and the media circus of pundits that follow her, I tend to think so.  Maybe I should cut off all this crazy hair!


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