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About Me

Hi!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog – hopefully you find it entertaining and informative.  My goal is to spread legal jargon to everyday people in the hopes that someday, they might find it valuable.

But more than anything, writing about the law makes me learn the law in and out.  You can’t write about something and not get to know it.

If you are feeling ambitious, please check out my website and give me feedback. This lists all of my contact information, including my business number.

A little about myself: I’m in my 20’s and was one of the youngest people admitted to the Ohio Bar.  Being youthful in an “older” profession is really fun and I am amazed at how many attorneys go out of their way to interact with me.

I believe that a career is important, but should not overshadow other areas of life.  I meet people all the time and enjoy hearing life stories.  Everyone has one – it’s really just a matter of listening. I believe that understanding people is a prerequisite to being a good attorney – and you can’t understand people if you hide in the office and house all day!

Criminal defense appeals a lot to me because it is competitive.  I’m a lifelong athlete who spent years as a competitive swimmer.  Swimming teaches you that nothing compares to being physically exhausted…it made law school and the bar exam a lot easier for me.

My latest athletic endeavor is power lifting.  I started two years ago and made huge strides.  Depending on my weight, I can bench 205  without a bench shirt. With a bench shirt, I’ve hit 240 lbs.  Lifting is pretty much my biggest hobby, and it gives me the confidence to enter a court room as the youngest person there.

I’m quite friendly and try to blog on topics of interest – so please feel free to contact me!

Happy blogging!




  1. Hi lawyergal,

    Thanks for stopping by my site earlier. I like that your blog tries to help normal people understand legal stuff — my mom was a lawyer and she was always helping people with this too.
    I’ll visit again for sure.

    Amanda (Worst Prof Ever)

    PS If you ever plan to get a PhD let me know so I can talk you out of it.

    Comment by WorstProfEver | June 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. I got my bachelors degree in political science so I’m trying to find some paralegal work in IP, administrative law or litigation. Any suggestions in finding some work?
    BTW I like your blog and will be checking it out more often.
    See ya, Brent

    Comment by "Beeble" | June 23, 2010 | Reply

    • I would check craigslist under legal jobs…start with a solo practitioner that would be willing to teach you some of the ropes. I majored in poli sci too…love that area!

      Comment by lawyergal | June 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. You need to add a subscribe widget to your blog. I crossed it today by chance and would like to follow it.

    If the lawyer thing doesn’t work out maybe you should think about writing. 🙂 Not many blogs are entertaining and informative. Your both!

    Comment by grofica82 | July 19, 2010 | Reply

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