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Lawyer by day, puppy trainer by…oh wait, pups have small bladders.

When I was growing up, my parents and teachers told me I could be anything!  Their encouragement has always spurred me to do well in school, finish college in 2 years, then head off to law school, and eventually, open my own firm.  If there is one thing about me, it’s that I believe in myself.

Yet, I am amazed that all those people prevaricate, although with the best intentions.

Or perhaps they were linguistically exact, for I could do any thing. Singular!

A puppy named Rogey that looks like a sausage [really short legs as beagles have and fat baby belly] has really brought this point home.

I am “co-mommying” him with my mother – she stays home all day, and I come home after work.  And this little guy is still kicking our parental skills into action. My mom is a grand mother figure…I mean, she was a preschool teacher for 10 years.  She loves baby-like things, be it puppies, kittens or babies.  If it were possible to label, I’d say she is an expert in the baby-raising field.  Interestingly, she stayed home when I was growing up – probably why she knows so much.

I, on the other hand, am a terrible co-mommy.  All I really want to do is come home after work and play with the puppy, feed him people food, and hand him to mom when pooping occurs in the house.  True, I “raised” a cat from the time it was a kitten, but it was mostly my roommate that did all the hard stuff like teaching it to not jump on the table and kill the guinea pig.  But by all accounts, my cat is a heathen that walks around like a panther killing all birds, moles and live things in sight.

So my point being, when all those people said I could do anything, they didn’t really mean I could do everything. For as a professional, I don’t have the time or really the interest to do domestic things that don’t pay.  I LIKE getting paid. And while I’m sure there are some super women who think they can do it all, I am skeptical that they actually do.

After all, a puppy doesn’t stop existing during the work day – certainly not his bladder.  And I’m just not hippy enough to have an office dog.


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