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Seemingly “normal” people are often the biggest freaks of all.

Some of the most seemingly normal people are actually the most dangerous to society.  Interestingly, these people are often the loudest advocates for morality, law and government.

This morning, I read my daily copy of the Daily Legal News.  It’s a wonderful little publication that deals with legal issues around Northeast Ohio.  The main story talked about the captain of Mayfield Heights Fire Department installing a camera in the handicap stall at a local YMCA.  A janitor found it, and staff identified the man installing it as Capt. Daniel Serge, a member of the Mayfield Hts Fire Dept for over 8 years. [He forgot to turn off the rolling tape while installing it.]

Shortly thereafter, police obtained a search warrant for his house, intending to find information related to the YMCA incident.  Instead, they found 60 tapes of about 8 hour total of juvenile boys going to the bathroom in Serge’s home, all intricately linked by 3 wide-angle cameras.  As it ends up, he employs kids to work on his tree farm.  He also ran a program called “Hunt of a Lifetime” for terminally-ill boys to hunt deer raised at the farm.  The program, sadly, entailed filming these ill kids in unknowing situations.

Serge was also the department’s training officer.  As statistics prove, most fire fighters are men.  So I guess he really liked to be involved in the whole “development” of young men.

Even though, as a criminal defense attorney, I generally believe all people deserve due process of the law, my profession doesn’t make me blind to the fact that there are some major freaks out there.  That some of the biggest are involved in positions of public trust and look good on paper is very scary yet pervasive.

This story is certainly full of details.  Yet many criminal defense cases are.  But what really makes it stick out to me is how fake people can be.  Here is a guy, running a charitable program for terminally ill kids, when he’s actually doing something else.   And all his sheep-like co-workers act so shocked that such a “well-respected” guy would be caught up in such allegations.  As much as a try to understand people, I cannot fathom why some play the holier-than-thou role, only to be exposed as complete frauds.


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